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The Landscape

From Arcadia to the Urban

24 August – 17 September 2021


Piero Pizzi Cannella, Le cattedrali, 2004

gallery rosenfeld is proud to present its second exhibition dedicated to the landscape, titled ‘The Landscape - From Arcadia to the Urban’. The exhibition will reflect on how the seventeenth and eighteenth century vi- sion of a perfect idyllic natural world radically altered with the advent of the industrial revolution and move of people from the countryside to the cities was reflected in changing attitudes to what constituted a landscape. The exhibition will feature seven artists: Inna Artemova, Araminta Blue, Armin Boehm, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Lu Chao, Leonardo Drew, Levi van Veluw and Bogdan Vladuta. In addition, we shall be exhibiting two old masters one of which encapsulates an idea of ‘Arcadia’, whilst the other illustrates a very different idea of a pure landscape.

1mb Araminta Blue_Broken Fence_130 x 180cm_oil on canvas_20201mb Araminta Blue_Broken Fence_130 x 180cm_oil on canvas_2020