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A call accross rooms

Liliya Art Gallery is pleased to present ‘A Call Across Rooms’, a group exhibition featuring ten artists working with painting and sculpture. The work exhibited offers an intriguing insight into the artists’ immediate surroundings; quiet glimpses of everyday life, remote essences of familiar things which then become a conduit for subjectivity and symbolism. 

Calling to mind impressions of half remembered, misremembered images from the past, the work exists on the fringes of memory and nostalgia where ideas of folklore, the unknown, science fiction and the supernatural mesh together. Through an ongoing process of observation, mediating lived experience with the assimilation of images, fiction and encounters with the digital world, the work moves further away from reality. Images are found, manipulated, photoshopped, drawn, repainted until eventually the work exists in a world between the familiar and the unfamiliar. 

When our immediate surroundings become a place for the repetitive or even mundane, especially apparent and inescapable during COVID 19 and the numerous lockdowns, the ‘everyday’ can become something seemingly confining or limiting. The work exhibited invites a way of looking at the world, piecing together various sources and recollections to create a new, quietly strange reality where the ‘everyday’ is poetic and ever expanding, and fiction is not an escape, but rather, a form of relating. 


Wuther, oil on canvas, 2021, 200 x 150cmWuther, oil on canvas, 2021, 200 x 150cm